Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Your Office Stop Named an Amazon Top Holiday Seller for 2012

It's so nice to be recognized for the outstanding job and hard work that we do to keep our customers happy every day. We received a very pleasant surprise from Amazon.com today, which is one of the major alternate venues that we offer our products on.

We knew we had a very good holiday season in 2012, but didn't realize just how good until we received an award as one of Amazon's Top 25% of Holiday Sellers for 2012.

We share this, not to brag about our sales, but rather to share with you the fact that, even during a very busy and chaotic holiday season, we were able to maintain an A+ excellent customer satisfaction rating among our customers. This is the real accomplishment!

As anyone who has ever purchased from us knows all too well, customer satisfaction is what matters most to us, and it's good to know that our staff was able to maintain customer satisfaction, even during the busy holiday season.


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