Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Best Laminating Machine for the Classroom or Teacher

Laminating Machine for TeachersOne of the questions we are often asked is "which laminator is best for a teacher?" A laminating machine is certainly an asset to the classroom and can provide many functions, so that is a legitimate question.

Overall a laminating machine is great benefit to have in the classroom. Many schools don't offer one to their teachers, or have strict guidelines on the use of the front office's machine. But, a smaller hot pouch laminating machine can be purchased by a teacher for an affordable price and will give them many years of use.

Teachers like to laminate many things in the classroom to protect them from dirty hands and lots of use. Laminated items tend to hold up much better than an unprotected piece of paper, making them easier to carry over from year to year, rather than having to recreate items at the beginning of each school year. Flash cards, task cards, reference sheets and charts, and even classroom decorations can be laminated to keep them in good condition for years of multiple use.


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