Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cassida 5700 Professional Money Counter Newly Released – Loads Like a Top Loader and Can Count Different Denominations at a More Economical Price

 Cassida 5700 Mounty CounterCassida USA has announced the release of their new Cassida 5570 Professional Money Counter, and it features some pretty nifty new perks for those that much deal with, and count, large amounts of cash.

The Cassida 5700 Professional Bill Counter incorporates the industry’s first bill turner design, combining the ergonomics of a top loading bill counter with the economical design of a back loader. Now you can load money quickly and easily and then count at speeds up to 1,300 bills per minute. No more paying for a more expensive top loader, when this features is now built into a more economical money counter.

The 5700’s innovative bill flippers push bills directly into the hopper, eliminating the need for bills to be manually flipped, which is an industry first. Counting begins automatically when bills are placed on the hopper platform, similar to a top load counter. A large LED screen showcases the number of bills counted, as well as denominations and total count values, when using the available ValuCount™ feature.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Understanding the Different Types of Business Card Printing

Even in the age of online global business, people still use business cards as a leave behind when meeting with new customers and clients. Business cards offer a convenient size for filing away in a wallet or rolodex (for those that are still using these dinosaurs), to keep needed information on hand about people that they meet.

Traditionally business calling cards included phone numbers, addresses and the name of the company the person you met worked for. Now, with the internet being used so much in business, these handy calling cards also tend to include things such as email addresses, websites, and even Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account addresses.

Some people don't have a need for a lot of business cards, so they will design and print their own business cards using perforated business card paper, with their computer and inkjet or laser printer.  While some of these papers are plain, and come in different colors, others have preprinted designs and allow you to drop in your personalized information, for a beautiful card without the cost of professional printing.

Other people have a need for business cards in bulk and rely on traditional printing to get them produced. With business card printing there are several different types of printing available.

Online Business Card Printing

Your Office Stop Re-Launches Custom Online Printing Website

Custom Online Printing - Manage Your Own Printing Online

Even in the age of the internet and web based marketing, many businesses still rely on print shops for the basics – letterhead, business envelopes, business cards and promotional products. But, in the age of the internet, you no longer have to schlep halfway across town to visit a dirty, smelly print shop to order your marketing materials, promotional products, and business printing.

Your Office Stop is proud to announce the re-launch of our online print shop. While we have offered online printing services since the start of our business in 2003, our new website has been updated, and new products have been added, to service the printing needs our customers have been asking for.

Now printing online has never been easier! Our new online printing site allows you to either design your printed items from our web-based design interface, or upload completed designs in .TIFF, .BMP, .EPS, and for color printing, .JPF file formats.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Why Buy Refurbished Office Equipment?

Buying factory refurbished equipment is a great way to get a bargain on an otherwise expensive item. Many companies buy their equipment exclusively as refurbished. When many people think of the term "refurbished" they think of old, used, torn apart, rebuilt equipment. However, that is not generally the case at all when it comes to electronics!

Basically, an electronics item can be classified as refurbished if it meets ANY of the following criteria:

Customer Return - Most major retailers have a 30-day return policy for their products and many consumers, for whatever reason, return products within that time period. These are fully functioning items, that are the same as new, but because the box has been opened they must be sold as refurbished. Most of the time, if there is nothing wrong with the product, stores will just reduce the price and resell it as an open box special. However, if there is some sort of defect present in the product, many stores have agreements to return the product to the manufacturer were it is inspected and/or repaired, and then repackaged for sale as a refurbished item.

Shipping Damage - Many times, packages can get damaged in shipping, whether due to mishandling, the elements, or other factors. In most cases the product in the package may be perfectly fine, but the retailer has the option to return the damaged boxes (who wants to put a damaged on box on the shelf?) to the manufacturer for full credit. The manufacturer, then, is obligated to inspect the products and repackage them in new boxes for sale. However, they cannot be sold as new products, so they are relabeled as refurbished units.


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