Monday, August 05, 2013

Back to School With Our Designer Kid's Themed Paper Stocks

Attention teachers, schools, Sunday school teachers, principals, scout masters, and even moms and dads, we have just added to our already well stocked line of computer laser printer and ink jet printer kid's themed and school themed papers.

Our predesigned printer paper has already been printed in colorful designs and patterns, which saves you time, in the design process, and money, in the printing process. No more wasting expensive ink toner cartridges, trying to put out a classroom newsletter that rocks in full color!

Now you can create a professional looking teachers's letter, or school flyer or school poster, by simply using your favorite word processing program and a laser or inkjet printer. You can even print a "master copy" of your design, and then print multiples on our preprinted paper, using your copier, to save even more money in printing.

School Themed Printer Papers

This year we have brought back our beautiful children's themed paper from designers such as Masterpiece Studios, Gartner Studios, Great Papers, and Geographics, and have also added the Scholastic Teacher's Friend® line of paper stocks to our store, offering an even larger variety of designer paper stocks.

And, for our reader's who follow our blog, we are offering a discount coupon code, good for 10% OFF any paper stock order of $19.99 or more. Simply use coupon code "PAPBLG10" on checkout, when you purchase through our online store.

Printed Border Paper for Computer Laser Printers and Ink Jet Printers

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