Thursday, June 03, 2010

Rotary Paper Trimmers Offer Great Solutions for Businesses and Crafters Alike

Rotary paper trimmers are great for working with paper, crafts, laminating pouches, photographs and much more. While you could use scissors to get the job done, a rotary trimmer is going to give you the perfect straight edge that hand holding a pair of scissors will never duplicate. Rotary trimmers come in a variety of "flavors," from small home use models to larger commercial ones. Manufacturers of quality trimmers include Akiles, Fiskars, Swingline, Fellowes, and Martin Yale.

Most rotary trimmers have built in safety features, and some models allow for interchangeable blades, offering crafting enthusiasts options for pretty decorative edges on the photographs and in their scrapbooks. Rotary cutters, also called rolling trimmers, generally offer the cutting blades encased in a plastic housing, that virtually eliminates the chance of personal injury. The rotary action allows the blade to cut in either direction and sharpen itself as it cuts. This self-sharpening action helps to produces a clean burr-free cut, time after time, and guarantees many years of smooth precision cutting.

We recommend several models for home or small business use:

Long the most recognized paper trimmer in the world, Martin Yale Premier trimmers continues to lead the pack with style and innovation. The Premier Martin Yale HRP12 Paper Trimmer is perfect for cutting both paper and laminating film down to size. It can handle up to 10 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper in a single pass, offers a 12" cutting length, and easy to read cutting lines, for an accurate cut every time.

Or, step it up to the Premier Martin Yale CT13 Paper Trimmer, with it's four interchangeable blades that offer a choice of straight, scored, perforated or wave cuts. The CT13 cuts up to 10 sheets of 20 lb. bond in one pass, features a 13" cutting length, ships complete with the four aforementioned blades included, offers organizational storage for the blades, and has a self locking clamp that help to keep your paper in place. It is also considered one of the safest trimmers on the market, as the blade is only exposed during the cutting process.

You may also want to check out the Fiskars 12" Titanium Rotary Paper Trimmer. Fiskars has long been considered a leader in the paper cutting industry.Perfect for trimming multiple sheets of paper (up to 10 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper at a time), card stock, construction paper, light cardboard, cloth, laminating pouches, and more, the Fiskars trimmer comes with two titanium cutter blades, features a 12" cutting length, built in safety blade storage, a magnetic paper clip holder, and has a unique built in carrying handle for easy transport.

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