Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cassida 85 Professional Money Counters Now In Stock and Shipping

When you are looking for a currency counter, selecting one that can handle old and new bills alike has obvious advantages. The Cassida 85 Series of Professional Currency Counters has been designed to handle all sorts of bills, ranging from crisp new bills to those that are nearing the end of their lifetime. You can trust the Cassida 85 to adeptly process all bills, regardless of condition.

The Cassida 85 is only built one way, and that is tough. With durability, reliability, and sturdiness, those looking for a dependable bill counting system can be sure that the Cassida 85 is up to the job. Formed from durable steel parts and metal construction, the Cassida 85 has been designed from the ground up for years of high-throughput use. Bill counters need to be tough and reliable, just like the Cassida 85.

The Cassida 85 has been engineered to tackle counterfeit bills head on. The incorporation of dual head MG (magnetic) and UV (ultraviolet) detection systems, on select models, ensures the ultimate protection against counterfeit bills. In short, the Cassida 85 has been designed to ensure that no counterfeit bills ever appear in your stack!

The Cassida 85 is designed to deliver the same smooth and accurate processing with coupons, tickets, deposit slips or other documents, as well as any foreign bills. The flexible software allows the user to easily adjust the Cassida 85 for any non-US currency. The Cassida 85 is also world-friendly, with a universal input voltage of 100-240VAC.

The Cassida 85 series of counters are available in three "flavors":
  • Standard (with no counterfeit detection);
  • UV (built-in ultraviolet counterfeit detection); and
  • UV/MG (built-in ultraviolet and magnetic counterfeit detection)
Cassida has also released several optional add-ons for the 85 series.

A Remote Customer Display, made specifically for the 85 series, is a simple and effective display, that is incredibly easy to use, and provides peace of mind and security to your customers. The compact size allows you to place it virtually anywhere. The display smartly gets its power from the main unit so there is no need for an additional power source.

And, with your well-being in mind, Cassida has also developed a Dust Collector that helps reduce health risks associated with counting money. This collector is designed to capture air-blown dust and micro particles, which are so abundant on bills. Smartly placed underneath the unit, the collector does not require any special care and does not interfere with any operations of the user. This dust collector is only suitable for Cassida 85 series currency counters.

Cassida Money Counters with Counterfeit Detection

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