Wednesday, March 26, 2014

One of the Most Affordable Money Counters on the Market Just Became Even More Affordable

Have you always wanted a money counter, also known as a currency counter, but the cost of entry was just too high to justify it? For a limited time we are offering our customers $200 OFF our very popular Cassida Tiger Semi-Professional Currency Counter with Counterfeit Detection. The Cassida Tiger currency counter machine delivers commercial grade performance and features in a sleek, ultra compact design. Steel components are precision engineered for accurate and reliable operation, and a ground breaking one piece steel chassis means years of dependable service. Fast and powerful, the Cassida Tiger offers far more than you expect in a low cost money counting machine. And for those intimidated by money counting machines, it offers easy use instructions right on the bill hopper. Get high end quality at a low end price, without sacrificing a thing.

Cassida Tiger 02
Weighing in at less than 10 pounds, this cash counter is portable, features a handy carrying handle, and makes a great asset for any small business that deals with large amounts of cash. It has a capacity of counting up to 250 bills at a time and counts at a speed of 1300 bills per minute. The Cassida Tiger rivals many commercial grade automatic money counters in performance and durability. From the first bank note to the last, the Tiger delivers fast, accurate, and reliable currency counting. This affordable money counter can “ADD,” which means it keeps a running counter of the bills counted ; “BATCH,” which lets you define the number of bills you need in a single count, such as when you are setting up a cash register till ; and also does “ADD” + “BATCH,” where a grand total is important. You are able to batch while keeping a running total in that mode.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is lower cost affordable money counters are NOT money discriminators. This means that all of the bills placed in the machine for counting must be the same denomination (i.e. a stack of 20’s, 10’s, and so forth). Money counters that can detect different types of bills in a single stack are called money discriminators, and the price point is much, much higher than standard money counting machines. We do carry a sort of “halfway” type product with ValuCount technology, which gives you some of the features of a discriminator in our Cassida 5520 product line without the higher prices of discriminating money counters.

But, back to the Cassida Tiger money counter, which has the smallest footprint in the industry. This low cost bill counter features a one-piece steel chassis and precision manufactured steel roller bearings, making it more durable than other low cost money counters in its class. An advanced bill density recognition system eliminates false stops, and this budget bill counter features automatic and manual counting modes for full control.

Cassida Money Counters with Counterfeit Detection

The Cassida Tiger comes in two models, offering varying levels of counterfeit protection. The UV model, our entry level model, offers ultraviolet counterfeit detection. The US Bureau of Printing and Engraving uses UV-florescent phosphors in their production of bills, which can produce a reaction when placed under ultraviolet light, which remains hidden when viewed under normal lighting conditions. This is a standard security feature in US bills, passports, traveler’s check’s, etc. The UV/MG model uses both ultraviolet AND magnetic counterfeit detection. Magnetic counterfeit detection looks for traces of iron particles in the ink characters printed on US banknotes. Please remember, no counterfeit detector can catch bills 100% of the time, however these machines are pretty accurate in stopping most counterfeit bills.

If you are looking for a more solid guarantee against counterfeits, you may want to check out the Cassida 3300 Automatic Counterfeit Bill Detector with Counterfeit Shield Guarantee. While is is not a money counter, like the Tiger, it does come with the manufacturer’s full backing that it will catch your counterfeit bills, or they will allow you to reclaim the full face value of the counterfeit bill if the machine accepts it as genuine. Terms and conditions apply, but it is about the most rock solid guarantee of catching counterfeit bills you are going to get in the industry.

If you aren’t ready to purchase the Cassida Tiger yet, and want to think about, please feel free to download our handy sales flyer and spec sheet, as a reminder, so you don’t miss out on this great deal. Remember the $200 off offer expires on May 22, 2014. Get it while it lasts!

Cassida Tiger 01
Cassida Tiger CoverOpen
Cassida Tiger 03
Cassida Tiger Rear
Cassida tiger 200 off flyer

UPDATE ON MAY 22, 2014: 

The Cassida Tiger discount special was such a huge success that the manufacturer is permanently lowering the price of this model!

“The Tiger leads its class in both performance and durability,” said Cassida Sales Manager Matthew Holt. “The rebate lowered prices on the Tiger, allowing more people to experience the Tiger’s quality. Cassida is pleased that we found a way to permanently lower the price of the Tiger.

And, we have discounted their already discounted price by even more! Be sure to visit our store for details on the new pricing.

The Cassida 5510 Money Counter will be discontinued this summer and will be permanently replaced by the Tiger series, as well.

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