Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cassida 5700 Professional Money Counter – An Economical Bill Counting Machine with Powerful Features

Cassida Corporation announced today the introduction of the Cassida 5700 Professional Money Counter, the company's first bill counter to include the bill turner features, which gives this economical back loading money counting machine the convenience of a top loading money counter.

Cassida 5700 Money Counter
With the 5700, bill counting is triggered immediately when a stack of bills is placed on top of the Cassida 5700. The revolutionary design automatically pushes the bills into the back of the machine and begins counting at a speed of up to 1,300 bills per minute, making the 5700 bill counter a perfect choice for mid-size and larger businesses that process significant amounts of cash.

According to Matt Goldfain, product marketing manager for Cassida, "Cassida’s exclusive bill turning features solves a longtime challenge for the industry. Conventional back loaders are reasonably priced but they can be tricky to load and, if done improperly, it can interrupt counting. The Cassida 5700 combines the cost effectiveness of a back loader with the ease of a top loader. The result is the market’s easiest loading back loader, which is a real game changer."

This low cost money counting machine is designed to work hard for organizations that count a lot of currency and need the process to be simplified, Goldfain said. "Even those who have limited bill counter experience will find the 5700 to be as convenient and easy to use as top loading bill counters — plus it has a suite of features to really streamline counting and totaling."

The new money counter also features ValuCount™, a Cassida exclusive feature that lets users count different denominations while keeping track of the total value of the bills counted.

On top of all these great money counting features, the Cassida 5700 detects counterfeit and suspect bills during counting, giving organizations peace-of-mind that the cash they are processing is legitimate. The Cassida 5700UV comes equipped with ultraviolet sensors to detect counterfeit bills, while the Cassida 5700UVMG adds magnetic ink sensors to give users even more counterfeit protection as they process bills.

"We are thrilled with the technology of the 5700," Goldfain added. "It's extremely easy of use with its bill turning, its ValuCount™ and counterfeit detection software. The Cassida 5700 truly streamlines bill counting for busy cash processors."

The Cassida 5700 Money Counter is available for purchase now at

Cassida 5700 Money Counter

Cassida 5700 Money Counter

Cassida 5700 Money Counter

Cassida 5700 Money Counter

Cassida 5700 Professional Money Counting Machine

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