Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cassida Discontinues and Replaces Two Of Their Popular Counterfeit Detector Models

On May 15, 2014, Cassida announced that it is discontinuing and replacing two of it's popular low cost counterfeit money detectors. The Cassida 3310 counterfeit detector will be replaced by the new and improved Cassida 3300 counterfeit detector, and the Cassida 2200 counterfeit detector will be replaced by the newer 2230 model of counterfeit bill detector. Each of the new models has been upgraded and is being offered at an even lower price point than their predecessors.

Cassida 3300 with Counterfeit Shield Guarantee Replaces Cassida's 3310 Counterfeit Detector

The Cassida 3300 is an excellent replacement for the 3310 because it offers all the features, including ultraviolet (UV), magnetic (MG) and infrared (IR) security mark detection. Plus, the 3300 is the market's ONLY counterfeit detector backed by the Cassida Counterfeit Shield Guarantee, which eliminates all worry that you'll take a fake bill.

The guarantee reimburses you for the full face value of the counterfeit bill should your Cassida 3300 accept one as genuine. The Cassida 3300 is the market's most reliable detector, with the ability to spot bleached bills and other sophisticated counterfeits.

Cassida 2230 with IR Technology Replaces Cassida's 2200 Counterfeit Detector

The just-introduced 2230 IR counterfeit detector is very adept at identifying counterfeits. Its special frequency camera quickly allows operators to tell if bills have IR security markings, which have never been known to be counterfeited. Simply look for the presence of stripes and you'll know the bills are genuine.

Compact, easy to use and with a pivoting head to allow users to sit or stand, you'll be thrilled with how easy and functional the Cassida 2230 can be when it comes to catching counterfeits.

Counterfeit money costs businesses millions of dollars in lost revenue every year. Those businesses that fail to carefully examine the bills that are passed on to them are victimized daily. Don't let the counterfeiters get the best of you and your business, protect yourself with some of the best counterfeit detectors on the market today.

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